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Caravan Storage Spain takes pride in its work. We pay attention to your caravan throughout the year.

As well as our outside facility, we offer covered and indoor parking places for caravans, trailers tents, camper vans and boats.

We have a well-equipped garage for repairs and maintenance. In addition to the common technical aspects such as tyres and brakes, we also take care of repairs to the interior and exterior of your caravan.

We also pay special attention to the appearance of your caravan. Our steam cleaning services eliminate any mould, dirt and black streaks on the exterior.


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Our Services


In order to allow you to start your holiday completely relaxed, we offer a transport service whereby we deliver your caravan to the campsite on a day and time that you want.


We carry out most repairs in our garage, from tyre replacement and lubrication to complete brake overhauls. In addition, we also take care of repairs to the body of the caravan.


Not only technical maintenance such as tyres and lubrication, but also the exterior and interior. Often or not insufficient attention is paid to this when it is essential for the life of the caravan.

Fridge hire

Extra services we can offer include fridge and mobile air-conditioning rental. Click here for details and prices.

Why Choose C.S.S.

Our staff that care about your second home as much as you do. We can help maintain your caravan and motorhome to ensure longevity.

Caravan Storage Spain

We pride ourselves on giving you the best quality storage service and repairs. After 10 years experience in the caravan industry.