CSS offers a treatment in which your caravan is first cleaned with steam. This environmentally friendly way of cleaning removes all green deposits and build-in dirt. In addition, the black stripes that can be seen on most caravans over the years are removed. The caravan is then placed in a protective layer of wax that is guaranteed to work for at least 1.5 years. Dirt no longer works in the paint layer and the caravan is given a nice shine. All in all, a treatment that extends the life of your caravan and increases its value over time.

After many years the interior of the caravan becomes dirty without us noticing. Everybody cleans their caravans before and after their holiday but, often by limited means. We would now like to offer a NEW service, steam cleaning the interior of the caravan. In addition to the surfaces, all cushions, mattresses and curtains are intensively cleaned.
The steam kills 99 % of bacteria and mites. The textile surfaces are then treated with an environmentally friendly product. This will make your caravan interior completely clean and fresh again.

In addition, the interior of your caravan gets an ozone treatment. This treatment promotes hygiene. Over the years mould and bacteria accumulates and steam cleaning, however, often kills them but can leave nasty or stale air in the caravan. The ozone treatment prevents this and the smell disappears and stays away. This treatment disinfects the room and combats mites and pollen.
A health promoting treatment.

Caravan Storage Spain

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