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Caravan Storage

has a well-equipped workshop employing skilled mechanics with many years experience. Repairs from tyre replacement and lubrication to complete brake overhaul. In addition, we also take care of body repairs to the caravan, including roof shutters, windows and air conditioning installation.

A free, yearly check is performed as standard. We control the condition of the exterior (windows, skylights, seals, break cables, tyres and more). If any abnormalities are found we inform our customer and send a quote before carrying out any repairs.
This check is provided by us for our clients but it is not an in-depth check. Like a car, your caravan needs a regular service which we can also provide. Please check our services and prices.



Many caravan owners do not pay enough attention to the tyres. The tyres of a caravan do not wear out due to the frequent driving but because of the standstill. We advise our customers to have their tyres checked regularly in order to prevent much suffering and damage to both the caravan and third parties. So have your tyres checked and don’t save on such important things.

Gas system

Another very important part of caravan safety is the gas system. Almost everyone uses the gas cylinder for various things but many owners forget that this system also needs to be tested and maintained on a regular basis. Hoses dry out and pressure regulators sometimes break and leak.
We can test and check your system for dried out (overaged) hoses and parts. After the test and any repairs have been carried out to the satisfaction of the inspector, an official and internationally recognised certificate is issued guaranteeing safety.

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We pride ourselves on giving you the best quality storage service and repairs. After 10 years experience in the caravan industry.