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Caravanstalling Spanje has a wide range of services. In addition to storing your caravan, boat or other vehicle, we can also perform repairs & maintenance, polish your caravan or transport it from storage to your vacation home.

Our services


From broken windows to tire replacement


So that you can safely vacation every year


Fresh & fruity start and end of your vacation on the Costa Brava


Your caravan safely and quickly from A to B and in the right place

Repairs caravans

Are you on vacation in Costa Brava and have a breakdown with your caravan? Then come to us and we will help you with various repairs for your caravan. From changing tires to brake overhauls. In addition, we repair roof vents, windows and your caravan’s air conditioning in a proper workshop with experienced mechanics.

If you are in the area and have a breakdown, you can check our website or contact us.

Maintenance of caravans

If you live in the Costa Brava and have a caravan or are going on vacation to the Costa Brava, don’t take a chance and bring your caravan to us for maintenance. We do a check for you to make sure everything is still good. We check that the tires are still good, that the electrics are still good, and so on.

Don’t hesitate and have your caravan checked with us just to be sure, so you can safely travel with your caravan through the Costa Brava!

Cleaning of caravans

Hygiene of your caravan is very important. Are you on vacation is the Costa Brava or going there? Come see us and we’ll give your caravan a good cleaning. We offer various turns on the outside and inside of your caravan.

Check our website for the different recommendations or contact us.


Are you going on vacation to the Costa Brava? We are happy to help you get your caravan safely from a to b. We offer a transport service where we deliver your caravan to the campsite where you are staying on the agreed day and time. During transport, your caravan is insured with us.

Check out our website for the possibilities or contact us.

More than just caravan storage

Caravan Storage Spain is proud of its offered activities. In addition to outdoor storage, we offer covered parking for caravans, trailer tents, RVs and boats. In addition to storing your caravan, we also take care of your caravan throughout the year.

Every 2 weeks all caravans are checked for damage that may occur due to weather conditions. In addition, all caravans are technically inspected annually. We have a well-equipped garage where we can take care of all repairs on caravans. In addition to technical aspects such as tires, brakes and lighting, we also provide repairs to the interior and exterior of your caravan. We also pay attention to the appearance and hygiene of your caravan. In addition to steam cleaning and waxing the exterior of your caravan, we also provide thorough interior cleaning.